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Lately, most of my photography has been of birds. My love of birds came from living on a farm in Pennsylvania for 40 years. My wife and I identified over a hundred species of birds there, some of whom migrated to the farm for the summer, some passed through while migrating to distant sites, and some were year-long companions. Photographing these beautiful creatures became an absorbing, challenging, and rewarding hobby. After moving to New York five years ago, I joined the New York City Audubon Photography Club and learned about local birds and especially where it is feasible to photograph them. Through the club I met Johann Schumacher, an accomplished bird photographer who used slow shutter speeds to create beautiful abstract patterns of birds. From him, I learned how to create the photographs shown in the "Impressionist Birds" gallery.

After retiring I attended classes at the Pennsylvania School of Art and Design in Lancaster, PA. This led to an interest in painting from photographs I have taken. Examples are shown in the "Peter's Paintings" gallery.

Peter Houts